Kidz Tennis is a fun, responsible and extremely productive way of introducing children into sports specifically through tennis.


We introduce ALL the necessary tools and progressions that infants and children require to maximize their experience, interaction and love of regular practice.


One of the main differences MBPSPORTS Kidz Tennis has from most other junior coaching is that we encourage parents and guardians to be active participants in our coaching.


We ensure that necessary basic fundamentals of tennis with important value sets and etiquette are NOT ONLY taught BUT can also be correctly reinforced and practiced away from the direct influence of the coach!


Children learn a lifelong sport in a socially interactive, safe and happy environment using appropriate sized equipment and court dimensions.


Participants learn and appropriately practice skills and interact positively with each other in a familiar, manageable and safe environment. Children build self-confidence and essential sports and life skills that enhance their ability to reach their full potential in the future.

 Module Details 
 ◉ suitable for children between 3 to 16 yrs of age. 
 ◉ Number of Participants: Minimum of 4 Maximum of 8 
 ◉ Number of Sessions: *ongoing (see schedule) - we recommend packages of 10. 
 ◉ *(intro or ad-hoc sessions available) 
 ◉ Session Time: 45 min to 1 hour 
 ◉ Packages are valid for a 4 months from purchase date. 
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